ASP Level 2 CAT. 1,2,3,4 Service St Ives

The most important thing for a home or for a commercial premise is safety and thus ASP Level 2 CAT. 1,2,3,4 Service St Ives by Just Electrical and comms have gained that certification from the accredited service provider scheme for the outstanding performance over the years and maintaining the rules of the laws of the state. In this level 2 operations we have the authorisation of disconnect or reconnect a connection, the authority of doing the work on underground and overhead conductors and also the most important, the metering in the premises under the guideline of the ASP. Thus this signifies our safety features and the taken measures are absolutely attractive. Beside the norms we have the best men on the field to perform their best. We do all these works under the supervision of the expert technician who are highly skilled. The pocket friendly packages are also a reason to choose us.

  • Disconnects / Reconnects at POA
  • UV damage Repairs
  • Underground mains connection to private pillars and pits
  • Overhead connect 1 phase and 3 phase
  • UGOH’S
  • Repairs to POA metering flat rate and time of use metering
  • Upgrade main Earthing
  • Private poles/timber and steel

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