ASP Level 2 CAT. 1,2,3,4 Service Chatswood

ASP Level 2 CAT. 1,2,3,4 Service Chatswood is the most sincere part of any electrical project and for doing this, Just Electrical and comms is the best choice for anyone. The certification of Accredited Service Provider scheme is not a piece of paper that everyone can get but we did it by our sincere effort. We have a level 2 operation team. In this level 2 we have 4 categories. In the category 1 the rule lies for disconnection or reconnection of the power in the premises while in the second and third category the norms is on the work on underground and overhead conductors and at last the permission of installation of the meter of type 5 to 6. All these norms are fulfilled by our company and also we are able to maintain this and thus we have built our team with the best men for the job on the field. 

  • Disconnects / Reconnects at POA
  • UV damage Repairs
  • Underground mains connection to private pillars and pits
  • Overhead connect 1 phase and 3 phase
  • UGOH’S
  • Repairs to POA metering flat rate and time of use metering
  • Upgrade main Earthing
  • Private poles/timber and steel

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